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Woahhh, talk about a busy week! *Feeling official after my first weekend* ^_^~♡♥

Dude, get over urself… its life so suck it up princess (:

Single and ready to mingle…

I sort of can’t wait until #HSC is over and #2013 starts~~… (Taken with Instagram)

Everyone got pretty cloud-writing mail from UNSW and I got this from UNCLE… >_> …at least the colours are pretty??? (Taken with Instagram)

So tempted to buy a formal dress online… sahhh prettyyy ~ (Taken with Instagram)

Sometimes, when a person makes a #decision it doesn’t mean that they are happy with it. Sometimes, there are other factors that aren’t so #superficial and those factors are what drive us to make those decisions, even when the two who are involved get #hurt ; For me, that factor is #FAMILY (Taken with Instagram)

♥♡ I’m not crazy, just a little unwell ♪♥ :P (Taken with Instagram)

Off to work now =_= surprisingly having good hair days recently… now all I need are good face days =_= (Taken with Instagram)

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